María Laetitia Soprano

“Salud”, the soprano María Leticia Hernández (María Laetitia) shakedown our souls with an articulate anguish in her register (voice) and in her face. Embodied in the text (Maria Laetitia), couldn’t even contain the tears in an extraordinary role of pleasant remembrance, that sparks the interest to appreciate her talent with more regularity.

 Jaime Torres Torres

For: Fundación Nacional para la Cultura Popular

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“Puerto Rican soprano Maria Laetitia sparkled with the exuberance of singing songs from her homeland.”

Matthew J. Palm

Orlando Sentinel

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Soprano: María Laetitia
Canción (Song): The Girl in 14G
Compositor (Composer): Jeanine Tesori
Fecha (Date): 25 de mayo de 2014
Lugar (Place): Humacao, Puerto Rico

"The Girl in 14G", compuesta por Jeanine Tesori tienen todas las características de una canción típica de Broadway. La versión más conocida es de Kristin Chenoweth.

Les exhorta a que escuchen el talento de la soprano Maria Laetitia dar su interpretación de La Muchacha del Apartamento 14G. Descubran que es lo que le pasa, ella les explicará con detalle.

The Girl in 14G is a composition made by Jeanine Tesori for Kristin Chenoweth. This time we can enjoy the talent of Maria Laetitia delivering her interpretation of The Girl in 14G. Com and discover what is going on with Apartment 14G.

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