María Laetitia Soprano

But even if Figaro features in the title, his Susanna blazes just as brightly. Soprano Maria Laetitia rules the stage — sometimes literally moving other characters where she wants them. Laetitia always sparkles — dating back to her memorable performance as a saucy maid in Florida Opera Theatre’s 2013 production of “The Old Man and the Thief.” But here she’s positively effervescent. She seems more commanding than ever, and finds a delicate vocal quality for Susanna on moments such as “Who could be as happy as I” that is just heavenly.

Matthew J. Palm

Orlando Sentienel

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My music is finally here!! It is in my native language spanish but is a message that speaks to everybody. Hear it, buy it, download it.... "Escúchame". This is something very dear to my heart and faith!!! 
All the love,
María Laetitia 
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Soprano: María Laetitia
Orquesta Filarmónica de Puerto Rico - Arturo Somohano
Canción (Song): Las Hijas de Zebedeo: Romanza, Las Carceleras
Compositor (Composer): Música-Ruprto Chapí (1851-1909), Letra/Texto-José Estremera (1852-1895)
Concierto (Consert): Antología de Zarzuelas, (An Anthology of Zarzuelas)
Fecha (Date): 10 de agosto de 2014 (August 10, 2014)
Lugar (Place): Centro de Bellas Artes - Sala Sinfónica Pablo Casals, San Juan, Puerto Rico

La soprano María Laetitia y la Orquesta Filarmónica de Puerto Rico - Arturo Somohano nos regalan su interpretación de "Las Carceleras" romanza de la Zarzuela Las Hijas de Zebedeo. Vean como María Laetitia nos canta como Luisa y nos dice sobre el dueño de sus amores.

La Orquesta Filarmónica de Puerto Rico - Arturo Somohano dirigida por José E. Vanga unen sus talentos con María Laetitia (Soprano) y nos ofrecen "Las Carceleras"

Come and enjoy the combined talents of Maria Laetitia (Soprano) and the Philharmonic Orchestra of Puerto Rico - Arturo Somohano giving us the opportunity to hear "Las Carceleras"


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